Fandango Fronterizo

this past weekend i went to the Fandango Fronterizo, an event where Son Jarocho is played on both sides of the border in "friendship park" and near the lighthouse in Playas de Tijuana.

this beautiful event brought a piece of light to this somewhat lifeless area on the U.S. side as X-number of migra patrol the area like vigilantes. though i may say, i was a bit surprised with the migra: they didn’t check id’s, didn’t hassle anyone, and even let me in with my dog, Junior.

i have visited this place before, but this time around the words of Gloria Anzaldua from Borderlands/La Frontera came to mind:

Wind tugging at my sleeve

feet sinking into the sand

I stand at the edge where earth touches ocean

where the two overlap

a gentle coming together

at other times and places a violent clash.

Miro el mar atacar

la cerca en Border Field Park

con sus buchones de agua,

an Easter Sunday resurrection

of the brown blood in my veins.

Oigo el llorido del mar, el respiro del aire,

my heart surges to the beat of the sea.

In the gray haze of the sun

the gulls’ shrill cry of hunger,

the tangy smell of the sea seeping into me. …

1,950 mile-long open wound

dividing a pueblo, a culture,

running down the length of my body,

staking fence rods in my flesh,

splits me   splits me

me raja   me raja

This is my home

this thin edge of


But the skin of the earth is seamless.

The sea cannot be fenced,

el mar does not stop at borders.

Yo soy un puente tendido

del mundo gabacho al del mojado,

lo pasado me estira pa’ ‘tras

y lo presente pa’ ‘delante,

Que la Virgen de Guadalupe me cuide

Ay ay ay, soy mexicana de este lado.

these words were published in 1987, and to this day, they remain relevant. they echo the feelings i encountered and encounter when i go to la frontera.

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